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The 10 most popular pictures
Pacman Pacman
Newbrain Pacman By N...
Hits: 173
Rating: 4,67 (3 Votes)
Comments: 1
Leapfrog Leapfrog
Game by Steven Meyfr...
Hits: 171
Rating: No Votes
Comments: 0
Close up Different Systems Close up Different Systems
An close up of the d...
Hits: 155
Rating: No Votes
Comments: 0
The Crossing The Crossing
The Crossing Game fo...
Hits: 154
Rating: 4,50 (2 Votes)
Comments: 0
Bomb Run Bomb Run
Hits: 153
Rating: 4,00 (1 Votes)
Comments: 1
Peat - Arcade Game Peat - Arcade Game
Pete the Gardener Ki...
Hits: 152
Rating: No Votes
Comments: 0
Turbo Pascal for CP/M Turbo Pascal for CP/M
Hits: 146
Rating: 4,00 (1 Votes)
Comments: 0
Amiga Girl on NewBrain Amiga Girl on NewBrain
Hits: 144
Rating: 5,00 (3 Votes)
Comments: 0
Space Invaders Space Invaders
The famous game Spac...
Hits: 142
Rating: 4,00 (1 Votes)
Comments: 0
NewBrain DeBug Screen NewBrain DeBug Screen
Screen for the Inter...
Hits: 140
Rating: 3,00 (1 Votes)
Comments: 0

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Please use the NB CATALOG page here to insert your hardware and help us catalog everything that survived all these years.

Most  programs on this website are in WinRar format. The WinRar compression program is available for free on the Internet.

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Saphir17: For the diy-hard NB fanboys... Check Ebay for : GRUNDY NEWBRAIN RETRO COMPUTER MUG (Date: 25/02/2022 16:41)
gillespienewbrain: Hi, Can anyone tell me what commands I need to load a program from PC to NB over serial using PC2NB or the emulator? (Date: 08/08/2019 17:13)
Shoppie: Hello all, Found my old Newbrain in my garage again. The sticker on the bottoms shows I bought it in March 1984.... The good old computer days :-) (Date: 03/04/2018 14:12)

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