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Forum: Θέματα Μηνυματα Τελευταιο μηνυμα

Buy / Swap

Post your requests for buying/selling or swaping Newbrain hardware.

(Moderated by Saphir17, cdesp)

8 28 Re: Newbrain AD for sale
30-07-2023 10:06:07
by pacomo64


About Newbrain software

(Moderated by Colin, cdesp)

12 31 Re: Newbas assembler syntax
02-04-2023 18:51:39
by proton


About the Newbrain's Hardware

(Moderated by Colin, Saphir17, cdesp)

27 80 Re: Newbrain PCB layout schem...
26-10-2022 15:03:11
by uhfsatcom


About fixing broken Newbrain, Expansion modules, etc

(Moderated by Saphir17, cdesp)

19 97 Re: Cassette tape remote cont...
30-12-2022 12:48:43
by centrespot

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Forum: Θέματα Μηνυματα Τελευταιο μηνυμα

Newbrain Bugs & Fixes

Report ALL Bugs and ISSUES here.

(Moderated by cdesp)

8 24 Re: NewBrain on MESS 0.182 wo...
29-01-2020 16:27:34
by filbip

Feature Request

Any feture you would like to be included in the Emulator

(Moderated by cdesp)

3 13 Re: Newbrain Emu in ARM Linux
05-06-2023 14:07:41
by cdesp


Everything related to Newbrain software for the emulator

(Moderated by Colin, cdesp)

11 37 Re: Looking for PROSPERO PRO ...
03-01-2023 11:47:01
by plore90


About the emulator's assembler

(Moderated by Colin, cdesp)

2 6 Re: Mostek FLP-80 Assembler
06-04-2010 01:41:58
by Colin


About the emulator's disassembler

(Moderated by Colin, cdesp)

0 0  


About the Digitizer tool that enable us to transfer programs from tapes to the emulator

(Moderated by cdesp)

2 2 Re: Python digitalizer
09-02-2020 18:54:12
by filbip

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Forum: Θέματα Μηνυματα Τελευταιο μηνυμα


(Moderated by cdesp)

7 32 Re: Newbrain Hardware Emulati...
07-03-2023 15:58:35
by admin

Text LCD

Text LCD interface

(Moderated by cdesp)

2 3 Re: Schematics
01-04-2010 12:02:31
by cdesp

Serial RS-232

Serial Port Itnerface

(Moderated by cdesp)

2 7 Re: Serial
29-07-2010 17:04:14
by cdesp

PS/2 Keyboard

PS/2 Keyboard Interface

(Moderated by cdesp)

3 6 Re: Progress
27-05-2012 14:53:18
by cdesp

LCD Screen (VGA??)

LCD Screen implementation At least 640x200 monochrome

(Moderated by cdesp)

2 26 Re: Main Screen
27-06-2014 17:32:25
by cdesp


My schematics and PCBs so far

(Moderated by cdesp)

7 7 Re: Video Circuits - Monochro...
04-07-2014 14:25:38
by cdesp

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