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Zork Infocom Text Adventure running on NB Emulator CP/M Mode

Υποβλήθηκε από Colin Appleby
Πέμπτη, 13 Σεπτέμβριος 2012
I was playing Zork 1 Infocom Text Adventure on the Newbrain Emulator in CP/M Mode. Works great. See attached Disk Directory:
Maybe you could publish the following on the Newbrain Emulator Website for others to enjoy:
ZORK 1, 2 and 3 Infocom Text Adventures run on Newbrain CP/M
Zork I:   The Great Underground Empire
Zork II:  The Wizard of Frobozz
Zork III: The Dungeon Master
First Load the "Zork" Sub Directory into Newbrain Disk Directory
The files are: zork1.com zork1.dat zork2.com zork2.dat zork3.com zork3.dat
- Run Newbrain Emulator
- Select Options: With Expansion Interface Module and With Disk Controller (2 Drives - CP/M)
- Start Emulator (F5)
- Move Cursor to CP/M 2.2 then Enter (takes some time to load)
- You are now in Newbrain CP/M ver 2.2 with Flashing Cursor and Prompt A>
- Select Storage Option and then Select "Disk Management"
- For Disk 1 Select Zork to load and click OK
- Select Storage Option and Click "Show Drive Content"
- An additional Window will appear on the right of the Emulator Window showing files available
- Click on the NB Emulator screen then type on screen zork1 (in lowercase) then Enter
- After a short while you will be running Zork 1 in CP/M Mode
Note: Zork I run fine in Newbrain CP/M Mode. However Zork II and Zork III scrolls continuously.
 Don't know why can anyone fix this bug. I think the problem is in Zork II and Zork III Program copies
as the same scrolling problem happens with Zork II and Zork III with other CP/M Emulators. Was it also a problem on actual CP/M Machines.

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