Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to list a Basic program to a PC File?
    Listing Basic program to File Select “File” in Options then Start the Emulator. Load a Basic Program into the Emulator. Then type on Screen: OPEN#15,8 List#15 The Basic listing is now in the file called PrintNew.Prn in the NB Emulator Directory.
  • Using Character Set symbols in a Basic program listing
    So you want to include a Character Set symbol in a Basic program listing using the NB Emulator. Press ctrl – 2 then Shift m j k l for Club, Diamond, Heart, Spade symbol. Other symbols are also available.
  • How to add 8K ram trick (Emulator)
    You can add 8k Ram to NB Emulator very easy. First make sure you don’t have selected the expansion interface module or CP/M.Start the emulator.Select ‘Save memory map’ from the tools menu.Edit the created file (Newbrain.ini).You should see  that at bank 4 there is no chip (4=-1) change that to 4=103.Save & close.Restart the emulator.Type…
  • How can i import a basic listing to the emulator?
    You can write the listing with your favourite text editor (not WORD) and then use the import feature of the emulator to automatically type the listing. Go to menu “Tools –>Import from textfile” and select the text file.The listing will automatically be typed to the emulator. Don’t forget to save your basic file.Type Save “nameofthefile”…

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