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S/NModelPCB VersionStateCommentsUser
610395/GDSADWorkingRom Version 1.4cdesp
611228/GDSADNOT workingcdesp
618398/GDSADNOT workingcdesp
614859/GDSADNOT workingcdesp
102097/FDSAD DKMainboard NB12117/x/7, RAM-board NB12118/x/8, Keyboard NB12125/x/3Working. Mint condition, Hole in top cabinet for reset-SWGraphicROM 2.0Saphir17
101687/FDSAD UKMain:NB12117x/7, RAM:NB12118/x/8, Keyboard:NB12125/x/3Not working, Key missing.GraphicROM 1.91Saphir17
Main:12117/x/7Not workingOnly PCBSaphir17
RAM:12118/x/890% components. Not solderedOnly PCBSaphir17
RAM:NB12118/x/10EmptyOnly PCB. RAM-board for 128K versionSaphir17
Main:NB12117/x/6Not workingOnly PCBSaphir17
Main:NB12117/x/7Not workingOnly PCBSaphir17
N/AAD, UKMain:12117/x/7, RAM:12118/x/10, Keyboard:NB12127/x/3
Working but VDF-display not working.128K RAM version.
GraphicROM 2.0
310641/GASA UKMain:NB12117/x/7, RAM:12118/x/8, Keyboard:NB12127/x/3Working. Damaged feet.GraphicROM 1.91Saphir17
312372/GASA, UKMain:12117/x/7, RAM:NB12118/x/5, Keyboard:NB12127/x/3WorkingGraphicROM 1.91Saphir17
612312/GDSAD UKMain:NB12117/x/7, RAM:NB12118/x/8Working. Mint conditionGraphicROM 1.9Saphir17
310012/GASA, FrenchMain:NB12117/x/6, RAM:NB12118/x/5, Keyboard:NB12127/x/3Working. Damaged feet. Scratches and marks.GraphicROM 1.4Saphir17
ADMain:NB12117/A/7Circuit Board onlyColin
ADMain:PCP PSCircuit Board onlyColin
UnknownADMain:NB12117Complete but missing back caseNot workingColin
ADRAM:NB12118/R/BRAM Board onlyWorkingColin
611961/GDSADMain:NB12117Complete Good ConditionWorkingColin
612181/GDSADMain:NB12117Complete Good ConditionWorkingColin
610924/GDSADMain:NB12117Complete Good conditionNot WorkingColin
ADFront case, Keyboard, PCB and line displayCompleteWorkingColin
ADFront case, keyboard and PCBKeys are unsolderedNot workingColin
ADMain:NB12117/A/7Circuit Board onlyColin
ADRAM:NB12114/A/1RAM Boards onlyWorkingColin
NA -32KbRam: NB12118/x/8,WorkingPCB OnlyKluder
614404/GDS -32KbAD, UKMain: NB12117/x/7, Ram: NB12118/x/8, Keyboard: NB12125/x/3WorkingGraphicROM - Missing Aluminum Plate and FeetKluder
610565/GDS -32KbAD, UKMain: NB12117/x/6, Ram: NB12118/x/6, Keyboard: NB12125/x/2Working, Complete Good ConditionGraphicROM 1,4Kluder
100310/FDS -32KbAD, UKMain: NB12117/x/7, Ram: NB12118/x/8, Keyboard: NB12125/x/3Working, Complete Good ConditionGraphicROM 1,9Kluder
313962/GAS -32KbA, UKMain: NB12117/x/7, Ram: NB12118/x/8, Keyboard: NB12127/x/3Working, Complete Good ConditionGraphicROM 1,91Kluder
615852/GDS -32KbAD, UKMain: NB12117/x/7, Ram: NB12118/x/8, Keyboard: NB12125/x/3Working, Complete Good ConditionGraphicROM 1.91Kluder
101482/FDS -32KbAD, DKMain: NB12117/x/7, Ram: NB12118/x/8, Keyboard: NB12125/x/3Working, Complete Good ConditionGraphicROM 2.0Kluder
621250/GDS -128KbAD, UKMain: NB12117/x/7, Ram: NB12118/x/10, Keyboard: NB12125/x/3Working, Complete Good ConditionGraphicROM 2.0Kluder
102628/FDS -128KbAD, UKMain: NB12117/x/7, Ram: NB12118/x/10, Keyboard: NB12125/x/3Working, Complete Good ConditionGraphicROM 2.0Kluder
103025/FDS -128KbAD, UKMain: NB12117/x/7, Ram: NB12118/x/10, Keyboard: NB12125/x/3Working, Complete Good ConditionGraphicROM 2.0Kluder
312337/GAS -32KBA, UKMain: NB12117/x/7, RAM: 12118/x/x8, Keyboard: 12127/x/3Working, Complete Good ConditionGraphicROM 1,91Kluder
310428A, UKFull working orderhamblett
613590AD, UKFull working orderhamblett
613419AD, UKMint condition, Boxed and completehamblett
102135/FDSADNOT workingbrain7
310021AFully working after changing startup capacitors. In good condition.gillespienewbrain
100578/FDSAD, FRworking.
Good condition.
French AZERTY keyboard.
caps changed and VFD dc-dc board replaced
610351ADno power supply, not tested yetneed a power supply to testclm72
610038/GDSADMain: NB12117/x/6
RAM: NB12118/x/6
Keyboard: NB12125/x/2
Cosmetically excellent
Fully working
Has no mod to VFD DC-DC converteraerobaticant
615592/GDSADMain: NB12117/x/7
RAM: NB12118/x/8
Keyboard: NB12125/x/3
Mint, Original box with leads and manual
Fully working
Repaired DC-DC converter, replaced transistor.aerobaticant
619161/GDSAD UKRAM: 32KBytesWorking complete. Good condition.ROM version: 1.91. Bought november 1983. Madrid. Spain.chema

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Serial Number
1.4, 1.9, 1.91, 2.0


S/NPCB VersionStateCommentsUser
710999/GRSMain:12140/x/5, RAM:NB12141/x/6Working. Produced 1983, week 28.Saphir17
Main:NB12140/x/5Not workingPCB onlySaphir17
RAM:NB12141/x/3Not working.PCB only. Damaged.Saphir17
NAMain: NB12140/x/5, Ram: NB12141/x/3Working.PCB onlyKluder
NAMain: NB12140/x/5, Ram: NB12141/x/3PCB onlyKluder
710296/GRSMain: NB12140/x/5, Ram: NB12141/x/3Working. Complete Good ConditionKluder
Model AD, serial number: 612618/GDSmemory board: 12118/A/8
keyboard: 12125/A/3
mainboard: NB 12117
fully working, capacitors changed.Model AD, IC 407 not fitted in the main board.ellvis
In NewBrain Disk Unit 850016-PTMain: NB12140/x/3, Ram: NB12141/x/4Working.PCB only.Kluder

Disk Controllers

S/NPCB VersionStateCommentsUser
710790/GGSNB12145/x/3Not workingDid work, but now NB can't connect to it. 🙁Saphir17
NANB12145/x/3Working.PCB only.Kluder
NANB12145/x/3Working.PCB only.Kluder
701236/GGMBack Case onlyColin
712353/GGSNB12145/x/3Working.Complete Good Condition.Kluder
In NewBrain Disk Unit 850016-PTNB12145/x/3Working.PCB Only.Kluder

Disk Drives

710081/SSSWorking.180k Single sidedSaphir17
Velocom 850016-PTWorking. Complete Good ConditionNewBrain Disk Unit, includes: Power Supply, 2 x 720 Kb Disk Drive, Disk Controller, Expansion InterfaceKluder

Ι/Ο Interface

S/NPCB VersionInterfaceStateCommentsUser
300199/GGANB12138/x/1NewBrain ROM BOX, NB11010Mint condition. In box and with manual/instructions.Empty.No ROM'sSaphir17
N/AN/ADanish I/O interface. 8Bit input, 8bit output and Centronics port.Mint condition.
Instruction and manual are missing.
Produced by DataCentrum 1985.Kluder
111085/GGANB12138/x/1NewBrain ROM BOX, NB11010Mint condition. In box and without manual/instructions.Three ROM's,
AB ISS3 105479,
Line Test Rome,
NANB12134/x/1NewBrain ROM BOXPCB onlyEmpty. Up to 7 EPROM / ROMKluder
N/AN/ADanish I/O interface. 8Bit input, 8bit output and Centronics port.Mint condition. Instruction and manual are missing.Produced by DataCentrum 1985.Saphir17

Power Supply Units

2415WorkingVersion NB11001Saphir17
258Working (220V~/50Hz)Catalog no.: NB11004Kluder
11729Working (240V~/50Hz)Catalog no.: NB11001Kluder
2223Working (240V~/50Hz)Catalog no.: NB11001Kluder
553Working (240V~/50Hz)Catalog no.: NB11005
access to three units
15041Working (240V~/50Hz)Catalog no.: NB11001Kluder
811Working (220V~/50Hz)Catalog no.: NB11004Kluder
4081Working (240V~/50Hz)Catalog no.: NB11001Kluder
16218WorkingCatalog no.:NB11001Kluder
7293Working (240V/50Hz)Version: NB11001aerobaticant
6844Working (220V/50Hz)Version: NB11004aerobaticant

Battery Expansion Units

010057/GBANot working.A lot of battery corrosion. Components might be damaged.
Simple PCB that bares the look-a-like of a prototype.
Awaits restoration.

Special Hardware

NB12143/x/1Leasco RAM and ROM board.
Supports 9 28pin ROM's.
Has 8K RAM.
Fair, but with missing battery-backup of RAM.Usages unknown. Expect it to be a replacement of the Expansion interface internal RAM-board.Saphir17
KD10016/x/2PIBOXPCB OnlyNot solderedKluder