• NB to PC Serial Cable
    How to build a serial cableSerial CableNb to pc PC RS232(9 PIN) Signals 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 DCD Data Carrier Detect2 RXD Receive Data (a.k.a RxD, Rx)3 TXD Transmit Data (a.k.a TxD, Tx)4 DTR Data Terminal Ready5 GND Ground6 DSR Data Set Ready7 RTS Request To Send8 CTS Clear … Read more
  • NB Clock
    System Clock_ by Gerald McMullon The COP provides a system clock after each interrupt (50 times per second).The COP scans the keyboard and looks after the relays for the cassette motor as well as handling the VF display.Page zero stores 4 bytes, the current status of the clock in location 52H-55H (82-85 decimal). The clock … Read more