Memory Game

Memory Game

Classic Memory Game (2 Players).

Newbrain Socket/Plugs Replacement

Plugs and sockets needed to replace the newbrain cables. BERG Plugs for NewBrain Power Supply Power…

World Display from a Newbrain

World View Screenshot.

Pre -production Newbrain

Very early version of the Newbrain computer believed to have been used to drum up trade…

CP/M Discs

*** NEW *** From Google Drive Thanks to Gerald Mc Mullon we now have a lot…

Scanned Documents & Newsletters

***NEW *** files are hosted at google drive for faster access Many high quality scanned documents,…

Newbrain Digitizer V3.1

Newbrain Digitizer for digitizing your old tapes.Click Here to download.

Newbrain Emulator Help

You can access the Newbrain Emulator Help by clicking here or by the menu.

How to list a Basic program to a PC File?

Listing Basic program to File Select “File” in Options then Start the Emulator. Load a Basic…

Using Character Set symbols in a Basic program listing

So you want to include a Character Set symbol in a Basic program listing using the…